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Some days family memebers really piss me off

So my mom and I got in a really big fight today.  we do sometimes get in these really huge fights. 

Well mom left open her email as she does all the time.  I was trying to get to mine when her’s popped up because she left it open (like she always does). I took a peek at the top email between her and her baby sister.  my mom and I had smoothed things over this evening, but reading that email just made me all mad again. 

Ever since she got all married to some guy she met on the internet chat thing and moved to Canada…she’s not the aunt I grew up with. 

To her nothing good comes from the US (even though she was born and raised in the US) every US president is the anti-christ.

Anyway she was all like “she needs to get a grip, if it wasn’t for you, she’d be on the streets.” 

Really?? until recently who was paying rent??  I was, not mom! Up until Nov. of 2013 I was paying most of the bills. 

And this is coming from the woman who pulls her daughter out of the one band performance she had because she was tooo tired to stay for the whole thing. 

Any who was by my mom’s side every day the whole week after her seizure, sure wasn’t my aunt, mom’s baby sister. 

The aunt I grew up with died when she got married.

So extremely sore

Can’t post this anywhere else. So we are moving out of the apt we have been living in the last 7 yrs. We have been trying to move in two days. We didn’t, but we were trying. Taking longer. I can’t tell anyone this, but my legs hurt so excruciatingly bad. I want to scream and cry it hurts so much, but I got so much work to do today! we packed this huge Uhaul truck full of stuff. Well when I was at work everything got put in the wrong storage shed. So we have to move everything to the right storage shed. So I know I gotta suck it up, but I just want to cry


I dont know where else post but here so i don’t piss off anyone else. 

So I’ve been looking at eventually wanting to get a guitar after i save up the money from when i finally get a job. I want to teach myself how to play eventually.

So I was tweetin about it on twitter and one of the people I follow and who follows me; goes and gets the style of guitar I eventually want to get from a friend and then they come on and tell me reviews about it, what they think and how it feels to them! :c  I didn’t ask them to get the style of guitar I want and I didn’t ask them to give me a review of it.

Or its like how I mentioned about an ad I saw through a link they sent me about Full Sail. And then they’re like, oh well you should really look at checking out this college instead and they proceed to send me links to a college I have no interest in.

At the present moment if feels like they just told me a how a movie goes and how it ends while I’m standing in line to get the ticket to see that movie for the first time.

Course I mentinoed that I may just wait until I actually get to the guitar center in our state before I make up my mind. They seemed pretty happy about that statement. What I mean is that I will wait and actually look at the guitar type I want and make up my own mind.  If I decide I like it, then I am going to buy it. If I decide I don’t like it, then I ‘ll keep looking.

You might think “But it was just one suggestion on what to do.”  When you had a grandmother like mine who constantly tried to get you to do what she wanted. It gets old pretty fast. 

"You should wear pink."(Haven’t worn pink since I was a little kid)  "Didn’t I get you a pink coat? Why aren’t you wearing that pink coat.?" (Never got a pink coat) "You should wear dresses."  "You should just settle in OKlahoma. There’s really nothing like Oklahoma and I’ve been all over the country." (Good for you, I’ve only been to Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas-at the time.) "You should stay away from that type of boy. Them type of people are nothing but trouble!" (Dude, I just work with him, its not like I"m going to date him and marry him for crying out loud). "You are going to wind up in a bar drunk and dead." (Funny how I don’t drink and don’t do drugs yet somehow I’m gonna wind up in a bar drunk and dead). 

So yeah, sometimes I get pissed off when someone I really don’t even know is telling me what I should do.

I know I shouldnt get so angry.  God and I are working on a very long list of stuff.  But if we eventually ever meet and they start telling me what I’m wearing or how I’m wearing it looks like a slut…i’m gone. I don’t need that friendship that bad.  I already walked away from one friendship after they talked like that. I will do it again if I have too.

Since most of my friends don’t know about this site or at least they don’t know I have an account on here, my family doesn’t know I have an account on here, and my fav singer who has an account on here doesn’t follow me on here like they do on twitter. So I can come here and vent and not piss off anyone. 

A Mouse Family’s version of Thanksgiving

Roast walnut day!

A Mouse Family’s version of Thanksgiving


Roast walnut day!

Super adorable!


Super adorable!



Blocked by my teen crush

So I just found out my teen country singer crush had since some time in the last year has blocked me on twitter. He was once following me on twitter. I have had a few stars follow me in twitter and have had a few quit following me which is cool.  I didn’t beg any of them to follow me. I get why some people quit following me on twitter, I twt/rtwt alot.

But a “block” hurts. An unfollow maybe unintentional, but maybe intentional because of all the retweets. If someone unfollows me on twitter is doesn’t bother me. I expect that with all the tweets and retweets. But a block is def. intentional and there is no question that someone intentionally blocked another person. What it tells me is “I don’t care if you like my music, I don’t want you as a fan of mine.”

Yes I am hurt and am very angry. Cds, pictures, and Posters are goin to be goin through the shredder. Its a good thing I’m not a “Pyromaniac”..otherwise I might burn them instead. Now I am glad I’ve never gone to any of his concerts as I was one day hoping to. Took him off my bucklet list on bucketlist.org too.  I don’t want to meet him anymore.

If you have heard the song “Wasting All These Tears” by a new country singer Cassadee Pope That is how I feel right now. 

You said you don’t want me anymore

And you left me
Standing on a corner crying,
Feeling like a fool for trying
I don’t even remember
Why I’m wasting all these tears on you
I wish I could erase our memory
Cause you didn’t give a damn about me
Oh, finally I’m through
Wasting all these tears on you
These tears on you


What you did, boy I’ll never forget

The way I see that last line

"What you did, boy, I’ll never forget"

There has to be a comma after the word “boy”. And it should be changed to

"I wish I could erase you from memory."

No I never had a “relationship” with the singer. This song as you might say, “Its figuratively”. 

I love to write.  I haven’t done it lately, but I love to write. I have written this singer into a few of the plots/storylines as a good guy. But I plan to rewrite them and write someone else in his place and I’m seriously going to write this guy in as a villain.

From a Knights Tale:

Chaucer: I will eviscerate you in fiction. Every pimple, every character flaw. I was naked for a day; you will be naked for eternity.

Chaucer: All human activity lies within the artist’s scope.

A daily Devo from Joyce Meyer I just had to post

Healing in His Wings

by Joyce Meyer - posted August 03, 2013

But unto you who revere and worshipfully fear My name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings and His beams, and you shall go forth and gambol like calves [released] from the stall and leap for joy. —Malachi 4:2

Around our world, horrible crimes and unspeakable acts happen every day to women and children who are powerless to stop them. Every act affects the life of a precious person, created in God’s image. Many women are hurt, wounded little girls trapped inside adult bodies, afraid to come out for fear of being hurt more.

I understand the feelings of these women. I was sexually abused by my father for many years. I also suffered abuse at the hands of other men throughout the first twenty-five years of my life. I developed a hardened attitude toward all men and adopted a harsh, hard manner.

But I want everyone to know that, through God’s Word and the help of the Holy Spirit, I was healed in my spirit, emotions, mind, will, and personality. It was a process that unfolded over several years, and I have enough firsthand experience to highly recommend God’s ways of restoration and healing rather than the world’s ways. It is much better to let God heal you than to spend your life being bitter about the past.

Lord, I rejoice today that You did not leave me to heal myself. I worship You alone, and I receive from You all the healing and grace that I need for this day. Amen.

From the book The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer. Copyright © 2006 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords. All rights reserved.


Shadow’s an expert at knowing when it’s time to step away from a project to get a little perspective.
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Shadow’s an expert at knowing when it’s time to step away from a project to get a little perspective.

Submit pics of your pets at work!

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